We are able to offer this guarantee because the rhinestone adhesive is absorbed into the fabric. Our rhinestones are put onto the garments at 330 degrees with 40 pounds of pressure. This results in maximum adhesion. We also remove all moisture from the garment before placing the rhinestones. This process allows us to offer our rhinestone guarantee – that the rhinestones will stay on your apparel for the life of the garment, when laundered according to directions.  This excludes rhinestones that have been shattered or broken. Contact us at

Most rhinestone decorated garments that you buy have rhinestones that are loosely placed on the garment by a machine. The garments are then sent through a drying tunnel which heats the rhinestones and garment, but does not apply any pressure. This type of process does not allow the adhesive to be absorbed into the fabric. The rhinestones are attached at the surface of the garment only. 

Our process allows us to inspect the rhinestones for any faults before applying them to a garment.  Your design will have only well formed rhinestones with the right amount of adhesive on it.